The Almost Officer: What Marine OCS is like and how I got dropped two weeks from graduation. Part 1 of 4 | iHateTheUSMC
I enlisted with a college degree in 2007. At the time, I didn't know any better and took the advice of my recruiter who told me that I would have more respect by going into the Marine Corps the "right way." Still, I drank the kool-aid and dove head first into the experience. At the time, I was a caricature of the most moto-motard. I PT'd on my free time. On weekends I did MCIs and practiced MCMAP. I rarely went out, and spent most of my weekends field daying my room. No joke. I didn't want to get in trouble by doing anything that even remotely place me in a situation where I could get burned. In my first year in, I listened to my SNCOs who told me not to get discouraged by my demotivated peers; that they were demotivated because they chose to be. It was their fault that they didn't give a fuck, if they were not promoted or if they ever got an NJP. By the time I got back from my second deployment, I knew better. By that point, I had seen enough examples of horrendous leadership that I