Reasons To NOT Reenlist.
01 Stupid haircuts 02 Duty 03 Formations 04 Weapons maintenance (all day) 05 Field Day 06 Having a shit bag with a disgusting house come white glove your room and fail you for "dust" that you need a microscope to see 07 You should avoid repeating your mistakes 08 Mass punishments that get you constantly hammered and fucked with despite having a completely clean record 09 They stationed you in Yuma or 29 palms 10. Your unit invented "LCpl's Course" 11. The field in the cold/rain/snow/hail/hot/sandstorms/any number of the above. 12. The countless dry runs you have to do before you even get to run the range with real rounds. 13. The standing by to stand by to stand by while standing by. 14. Death by powerpoint. 15. Police calling anything and everything. 16. Spending your own money on shit you don't need. Think gear lists... 17. Hikes/Humps 18 - 15 minutes prior to 15 minutes prior. 19 - 14 Area Chow Hall @ Pendleton. 20 - Substandard Barracks. 21 - Field Day being totally blow out of