Rants Of A (Former) Boot Marine | iHateTheUSMC
It's been a while since I have posted here. I mean really, quite a while since I've been posting the series "Rants of a Boot Marine." This will sound like gibberish, but here goes nothing. The classical Stockholm Syndrome almost got to me. I contemplated of staying in when my mind is always screaming for me to get out. I mean how does this happen? Perhaps because I am now an NCO. Treated somewhat better, actually earned respect because I don't play fuck fuck games or pull the rank card with junior Marines, and actually decent at my job. I am not under terrible Sergeants or SNCOs and my OIC seems to be a fantastic individual who approved my Christmas leave before my SNCO had a chance to look at it. I have a package for an aquatic course that's awaiting the approval of my SNCO before it heads up to the Commanding Officer for his signature before attending the course after coming back from leave. And my Sergeant, while he can be offended by long hair, seems to be a decent individual who