Paying Off the Taliban | iHateTheUSMC
Let me say first off that I took no pleasure in writing this; I actually spent in excess of 12 hours writing this because I couldn't look at what I'd written without getting mad and having to leave. I hate remembering this day, and sometimes I wish I could forget it. But these events are what taught me the truth about the Marine Corps, and this truth must be known. I spent May – Dec of 2010 in that lovely part of the world otherwise known as Afghanistan. During my time there I spent a considerable portion of it on the Headquarters Co. Guard Force, a less-than desirable duty, but such is life. One of the duties of the Guard was to post security to the security on a small Hesco "Schoolhouse" at the south end of the base, for the weekly "Shura" meetings. During these meetings local Afghanis would meet with the company clerks, and would be hired to dig wells, fill sand bags, pick up trash around the outside of the base, and whatever other mundane tasks they could think of to shovel