On To Bigger, Better Things: Old Habits Die Hard | iHateTheUSMC
The ER folk were nice enough to ensure that my official diagnosis included the words "heat stroke" so that my supervisors couldn't question it and were forced to deal with their plant's shady conditions. Still awaiting approval from the company's health insurer however, I had nowhere else to go but the VA for help. I explained to them the basics of what had happened: I lost my shit and worked myself into a nice, healthy heat stroke. They immediately began the guessing game of throwing random pills at me in a feeble attempt to find a combination that worked, much to my disappointment and gastronomical discomfort (that went on for seven years). Note to anyone going to the VA for mental health issues; just say no to drugs. Chemicals are for extreme cases, therapy often works much better and will not turn you into a sad zombie with a slowly rotting digestive system. I felt so sick the first couple of weeks that I called in enough to lose my job and things quickly started to get out