On To Bigger, Better Things: It Really Does Get Better | iHateTheUSMC
Before I get into how and why shit really does get a hell of a lot better, I'll write a little about the VA and why it is so difficult for many of us to seek help from that system. Walking into a VA hospital is a coin flip for every veteran who suffers from, well, anything really. On one side, you might flip heads and end up with a great doctor who will check your records, listen to what you have to say, give you an examination, run some tests, and assign to you the medical treatments that you will require while being a professional. However, some of us flip tails and end up with...substandard healthcare. I don't mean that you will either be treated like a hero or a villain for life, I mean every time you walk through those doors, your experience will be different. If you spent any amount of time in the Marines, you know that everything comes from the lowest bidder. The doctors at VA hospitals are no different. There are many men and women in the system that are very