On To Bigger, Better Things: Assaulting the Civilian World | iHateTheUSMC
The disclaimer *your experience may vary* should be attached to every Marine Corps picture, poster, social media post, commercial, and Recruiter. Four years of on and off severe alcohol abuse and depression due to horrible and sadistic leadership failures were not what was promised, but that is what I got. When your recruiter promised you all of those outstanding training opportunities, remember how he said that they would transfer towards college credits? Like everything else he told you, that is a lie with a little kernel of truth tucked firmly inside. Transition Assistance classes taught me how to see how many college credits my training would translate to, and it was horrifying. I had been through basic and advanced vehicle maintenance courses including electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel and emissions, diesel diagnostics and troubleshooting, tracked suspension, and maintenance and complete overhaul for engines, transmissions, PTO's, winches, electrical components,