More Examples of the Finest Leadership the Marines Have to Offer | iHateTheUSMC
In the last couple of weeks, some articles have caught my attention: So it seems that a Colonel, the paragon of marine-ly virtues, has been charged with sexual assault on a minor, possibly as young as 6 years old. And a mustang no less, according to some sources. Here's my question: How many people has this guy buried over the course of his career (considering the total control that he possesses over thousands of men to a level that approaches the power of a king) for sleeping with high-school cheerleaders, and he goes and does this? Of course, all of the (obviously impartial) comments on any of the military websites, from Marine Corps Times to Leatherneck.com, are crying "Innocents until proven guilty" from the mountaintops, conveniently forgetting that he gave no such presumption to the innumerable people he took stripes from for much smaller offenses.