Marine Doesnt Take Shit From SNCO | iHateTheUSMC
The way this guy getting yelled at conducts himself is pretty funny. I have highlighted some of my favorite comments from this video from youtube. You can tell who are the retard motivators, and who are the guys who are down to earth. That Marine getting his ass chewed shouldh've locked his body and took the original ass chewing. Thats the way of the Corps for those of you who don't understand it is an autocratic leadership style. I loved seeing ass chewing like this and had plenty happen to me for no reason as well. Get Some! I love this shit! MillerRobby and then NJP his ass. Fuck em and feed em beans! blackamericanman WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MARINE CORPS COMING TO? WHEN I WAS A TROOP I WOULDN'T DARE TALK BACK TO MY SUPERIORS, THESE TROOPS NOW A DAYS ARE GETTING WAY TO FUCKING CONFIDENT AND FULL OF THEMSELVES, LET A MOTHERFUCKING JUNIOR DEVIL DOG TALK BACK TO ME LIKE THAT AND HE WILL FIND HIMSELF AS A PRIVATE THE VERY NEXT DAY!!! 195WTF hes in legal plt. these are basically the turds