Marine Corps seems so cliche' | iHateTheUSMC
Marine Corps seems so cliche'. Maybe because of movies etc. I know im late with this, since i barely watch tv( alot of dumb crap on television ) but i recently seen the Katy Perry video and i had to chuckle to myself. I started to feel a little pissed and upset because i felt and thought to myself " Are there gonna be a bunch of females wanting to enlist allbof a sudden, falling for the B.S". The video seems very suspect to me. A lot more than a coincidence. I really wonder if it's USMC propoganda to get females to enlist. Plus you guys were right. I met this marine in the barbarshop about not too long ago. The guy seemed like a jerk. Calling the other service branches gay n all this other crap. but just had to let that out. I keep getting told the airforce is my best option. I feel so. Ima gona stick to that. I also, went to the V.A hospital in baltimore with my.moms bf who was also a marine and it was kinda sad. Some ov em were a F'ed up. Some of those guys can't stand the government