Marine Corps Boot Camp – Not What I Thought It Would Be | iHateTheUSMC
Good evening everyone. I am swizzlestik's son. First of all, thank you for being there for my mom. You really helped her through a lot of grief and pain. When I joined the Corps, I went in with all the spirit, confidence and committment anyone could muster. I was not fresh out of high school but I was fresh out of college. I had high expectations of myself and of the Marine Corps. I saw them just as they portray themselves, a tough yet honorable organization. I expected their training to consist of yelling, screaming, stupid mind games and other BS but I never expected to see and experience and hear of the things that happened. Through receiving week, it was pretty much was I was told to expect. I was nervous and homesick just like every other recruit. But when training day one hit and all the rest of the training days therafter, the shit hit the fan in a big way. This was when stuff that I didn't expect started to occur. Those things included but are not limited to: 1. A