"Let's Talk about Tradition" (Blood Stripes and Pinning) | iHateTheUSMC
By Chris Pascale. For those who don't know, pinning is the practice of stabbing a person with their chevrons or wings, which can be seen in this Dateline video. A blood stripe is a red strip of cloth that goes down a set of dress blue pants when a marine is an NCO or higher. When some LCpls are promoted to Cpl, the NCOs get together and give him a blood stripe, which I explain in the story below, but is briefly mentioned in comments 12 & 14 here. These 4 stories are not the goriest among the Marine Corps. They are merely 4 times I witnessed something related to these ridiculous concepts. Scene: Keesler AF Base, October, 2003 "Hey, Gatch," a brand new PFC said to the marine I was walking with in the barracks, "I kept the backings off; pin me." At that, the LCpl who I'll call Gatch, touched his collar to make sure he was telling the truth, then bottom-fisted the shit out of both chevrons into his shoulders with a sharp, thick thud bringing him to crumple halfway over at the pain. I