Let Down From The Start. Boot Camp Criticism Part II | iHateTheUSMC
I have quite a few criticisms of USMC bootcamp, but I'll begin with this one: The training in bootcamp, isn't good training (excluding PT, because that obviously is a type of training). Bootcamp is mediocre, real training doesn't start until SOI. Every Marine is a rifleman right? The USMC is supposed to be an elite FIGHTING organization that wins battles and effectively kills the enemy. Now honestly answer me this, what kind of combat training did we get in bootcamp? No one really comes out as a "killing machine." We just come out a motivated boot that thinks we're the shit. Do we even know what to do when we're being shot at? And don't mention the bootcamp IED training, that was extremely brief and rushed. What did we get trained to do? Drill? Is drill that important? Do we have marching competitions against Al Qaeda? Is drill more important than being a war fighter? Did we get trained on how to move like cattle from one place to the other while being on a tight