If I enlist (Infantry MOS) what will I really be getting? | iHateTheUSMC
Hey there, I've been thinking about joining for a long time now (I'm about to be a senior in High School) and I'm wondering why I shouldn't. I read the novel Jarhead, and like Swofford, I think I'm afraid that in civilian life I'll faulter, and I see the Marines as a way to gain access into maturity and manhood. My family's become distant, and I feel like I'm not really close to friends I've had, so the brotherhood aspect is also appealing. I have always had a strong sense of national pride and I think joining would fill me with pride, but I've read a few horror stories on here, so if I enlist (Infantry MOS) what will I really be getting? Are the aspects of the Corps that appeal to me merely hype? Also, I'm sorry if this is redundant. I have read many posts, but I wanted to see if I could get some direct responses, thanks. Submitted by: Johnny2X4 NINJA_PUNCH's Response: Hey, no need to apologize, that's what this site exists for. I can understand the concept of wanting maturity and