i want out asap how do i do it | iHateTheUSMC
That's kind of a difficult question. If all you want is out, there are a number of illegal things you can do that will get you kicked out, but you risk a lot of benefits, and you also risk making finding employment more difficult because of your discharge. If you're in the first 180 days of your contract you're eligible for an entry level discharge, where basically you just quit (If you qualify let me know and I'll explain further).If you somehow manage to become injured badly you can get a medical discharge (It's pretty hard to fake this one, it seems like if you try to injure yourself you won't get discharged out of spite.) There's also such a thing as a "hardship discharge". One example of this would be say, if you're family were to suffer some tragic accident leaving you as the only person to care for your 5 year old brother. Because this hardship didn't exist prior to joining, and can't reasonably be resolved while you're in the marines, the corps could choose to release you