I Have Medical Problems in the Corps. What should I do? | iHateTheUSMC
Well shit, I don't know if this is the place to put this or not, but I've gotta get it out somewhere, might as well be here right? I joined this disgusting disorganization around a year ago. I was a stupid, motivated(aka retarded) and signed my life away to the corps for the next 6 years of my life. Yes I'm a reservist. I was motivated and ready to serve my country. So far, I haven't done jack shit. I would hardly call any "Training ops" we do credible. We go to a camp in the middle of Cali, set up tents, and patrol them for two to three days. Yeah, way to serve and protect right? What a waste of taxpayers hard earned dollars! Hell, I haven't been paid for this bullshit for the last three months, and when i DO get paid, It's a VERY small amount! It takes me three hours to get to my unit, so I have to fill up my tank twice to get there and back, which takes up all of my drill pay anyways. This last October, right before the Marine corps ball, they asked us who was planning on not going.