How to Get Out of the Marine Corps | iHateTheUSMC
This information regarding how to smoothly Check Out of your unit and EAS from the marine corps was compiled at Camp Pendleton between February and June of 2012. Be advised that the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is a Dept of Labor course, and not subject to military orders, etc. As such, while the procedures may vary slightly between locations, it should be fairly consistent. If your experience is different from what I've described, please let me know in a comment so I can continue to provide accurate information. Step one: Medical: For most of us on this site, our enlistments have been spent getting injured in some way shape or form, and then getting a couple of Motrin from the corpsman and going back to training because going to the BAS is eternally frowned upon. Your first step is to correct this. Go to Medical, and get any little ache or pain you may feel documented, this will assist you in applying for VA Disability benefits. It is not required to document a