History is Written by the Victors. | iHateTheUSMC
Anyone who has been in the marine corps for any length of time knows that the corps prides itself on its history and traditions. I'm sure we can all remember during bootcamp, being indoctrinated with assorted tales of Smedley Butler, the Battle of Chapultepec, the "Frozen Chosin", and the list goes on. But to say that the marine corps prides itself on its long and illustrious history is something that no one who has ever served in the corps can deny. However, history is written by the victors, and victors have a nasty habit of skewing facts in their favor and the corps is no exception to that rule. Let me start at the beginning, the marine corps birthday. Tradition holds that the usmc was created at Tun Tavern, Philadelphia on Nov 10, 1775. The facts are, the Continental Marines had it's origins in Tun Tavern, on Nov 10, 1775. After the Revolutionary War was won, the Continental Marines were disbanded. The usmc was created on July 11 1798. This date continued to be