Hazing and the "New Corps" | iHateTheUSMC
"The measure of a man is what he does with power." - Plato My feet hit those adorable little yellow footprints in January of 2002, and from T-1 all the way up until my EAS in 2006, I heard "New Corps" at least five times a day. It always amused me to see 19 year old kids and 30 year old men complaining about how the world was going to shit because they couldn't IT a 17 year old boy barely out of high school for forgetting to shave. I was issued "old school" woodlands which required heavy starching and ironing in order to make them look sweet. I was issued black leather boots that needed to be cleaned, buffed, and polished every night and touched up throughout the day. Most of us took a lot of pride in our uniforms and the hours of maintenance that came with them. When the spiffy new digital camouflage utilities emerged, nearly every Staff NCO, NCO, and Senior Lance began having meltdown after hilariously embarrassing meltdown, screeching and wailing like meth-addicted