Gunnery Sergeant Retirement Pay Below Welfare Threshold | iHateTheUSMC
When low military wages are discussed, those who know better will call out the fact that marines also receive untaxed benefits, such as those for housing and sustenance. So, let's clear that out of the way: Yes, a young marine with a wife and/or child will receive untaxed benefits that are decent, like a home on base, or funds to get a home off base. But mentioning these benefits without also noting how hard he gets screwed on the back end turns a fair point for consideration into a debate tactic where a fact is chosen, but not considered in its entirety. And that is what will be done here. This article will outline the following: When you are in the military, you do not get paid enough, so you are forced to choose between taking proper care of your family and your sense of pride, dignity and manhood by applying for welfare Untaxed portions of military pay How untaxed pay leads to pitiful retirement pensions, which have now been reduced by 20% Welfare v. Manhood For those who