Getting a VA Disability Rating – How to Do It & What It Means | iHateTheUSMC
This is not the end-all, be-all guide to applying for VA Benefits. It is merely one no-bullshit article about applying for a disability rating at the end of active service. I am speaking from personal experience only, not in-depth research, which is why the one thing I'll say about reservists is merely hearsay. This is not an article about gaming the system, or stealing from the government. If you're lucky enough to leave the service with everything as it was when you went in, then you shouldn't risk buying a 1-way ticket to ShitsVille on the Karma Train. The benefits may not be worth the cost. In this article I will discuss: What a VA Rating Is & What It Will Mean to Your Future When to Apply for a VA Rating How to Behave at Your Claims Appointment Going to the VA After Discharge Applying for Re-Eval of Rating What Is a VA Disability Rating? A VA rating is the percentage rating (10%, 20%, etc.) you will receive based on your injuries and illnesses while in service. Members of