Fleet Marine Life #87 – SNCO Academy | iHateTheUSMC
It seems to me that the higher you are in rank, the more brain cells die out. Things are usually run inefficiently in the Corps usually due to higher ups. Many times a Lance Corporal or even a PFC would suggest solutions that are more practical and more common sense but unfortunately, our higher ups want everything done their way even if it doesn't make any sense. Sometimes things would be running so well that a SNCO wouldn't need to do anything. The SNCO will then start to believe that his inaction is a problem. So the SNCO will start to change things for no fucking reason other than to do something. Why do SNCOs have the need to fix things that aren't broken? If everything is running fine and all the operations are doing well then why does everyone suddenly have to play musical billets? After the music has been turned off, everything is fucked up and all because of one man and one whim. SNCOs have a tendency to solve problems by using impractical solutions. One example is mass