Fleet Marine Life #72 – Movie Night | iHateTheUSMC
Pink Flamingos is quite possibly the most outrageously disturbing movie I have ever seen. If you want a different type of comedy, watch this movie. The Marine Corps twists Marines minds to be more different and more resistant to what is strange. This could be the by-product of training for war or excessive boredom. In Okinawa, there were two dogs barking outside my barracks. I looked out the window and saw two dogs tearing up the shit out of this dying cat. Other Marines heard this too and opened their windows to see this sight. A lot of Marines starting screaming, "Get some!" and "Yeahh!!! Ooraaah!!!" A car came by and scared the dogs off. My buddy who was right next to me said he was going downstairs to check it out. He went downstairs to execute a perfect text-book MCMAP vertical heel stomp on the cat's head. Everyone cheered even more. I couldn't stop laughing. He then turned his head toward my window and yelled, "I THINK IT'S DEAD!" Whenever