Fleet Marine Life #55 – Marriage Cycle | iHateTheUSMC
It kills me whenever I see someone get a divorce and the military is full of them. I hated living in the Barracks. Here are some of the reasons why: Field days, loudness, roommates, alcoholics, door bangers, fire alarms going off at 2 am in the morning about twice a month because of the alcoholics, depression, ghetto projects-like state of the barracks, sausage fest, surprise barracks duty and a number of other things. I admit that I was tempted to get married to get out of the barracks. It's easy. I would just go out to town and find a willing female to enter into a contract marriage so that I can collect that sweet Basic Allowance for housing, which is thousands for an apartment or house, and get COMRATS, so I don't eat at the Chow Hall any more. Hell, I wouldn't be the first Marine with the idea. The downside to this plan is that, the woman that I would have known, for all of two