Fleet Marine Life #53 – Roommates | iHateTheUSMC
Fuck, I hated having roommates. Whenever you get new roommates, it's like you're gambling. Except if you lose, you end up suffering for like half a year. You may get someone who's smelly, annoying, loud, a Klepto, prone to trouble, financially in trouble, an alcoholic, messy or all of the above. And in the Marine Corps, you usually end up in trouble for not taking care of your significant other. I remember one time my roommate came back into my room and he was drinking underage. So I did the right thing and wasted my time by making sure he didn't get out of the room. An underage drinking charge is pretty much a guaranteed NJP and will fuck up one's career for months. So I looked out for him even though I didn't have to. One time, I was roommates with this broke-dick Marine when he made this Skype call to his girlfriend. The conversation went like this… Crying Girl : You're not making this relationship work! Marine : I am… I am… Tell me what you want me to do… Crying Girl : You should