Fleet Marine Life #46 – Integrity Trap | iHateTheUSMC
One thing higher ups use on their lower downs is something that I like to call the "integrity trap." This is a trick where higher ups get Marines to incriminate themselves. The higher ups want Marines to admit fault for some wrong doing (harmful or not) now as opposed to finding about it later. The problem with this is that the higher ups may lie or mislead Marines into incriminating themselves. For example: Douchebag LT : Did you guys go out on liberty without signing the book? Sgt : I'm going to tell you the truth. Yes, we did. Douchebag LT : Then I want everyone called back. Tell them all to come back here, get in cammies and stand outside for formation within 2 hours. True story. I was one of ones in the formation. I followed the rules but I was still punished. When you do something wrong and you know that there's no evidence against you then you CANNOT get in trouble. However some people believe the higher ups whenever they say shit like, "We know who did it. Come forward