Fleet Marine Life #32 – Wingman | iHateTheUSMC
One thing you don't want to bring when you go out drinking is another Marine. God it's terrible. A countless number of things can go wrong. It's too many to list so I'll turn them into comics in the future. They had a bar in Okinawa, Japan named, "Globe and Anchor" but Marines called it the the Hook and Jab because so many stupid and drunk Marines fought each other there over something as stupid as the way another drunk Marine looks. Drunk Marine 1 : I don't like the way you're just standing there! Drunk Marine 2 : Them's fightin' words! Drunk Marine 1 : Let's fight! Alcoholism is part of the Marine Corps tradition. And we suffer greatly because of it. A lot of Marines drink and drive 120 mph into the nearest tree. And then the Marines that are still alive in that command all receive a 3 hour long safety stand-down on "how not to drink and then drive your car 120 mph into the nearest tree." Whenever I receive these briefs, it is a struggle to stay awake. I could have slept for 10 hours