Fleet Marine Life #31 – Congrats | iHateTheUSMC
I can pretty much imagine what everybody wants to do when they get out of the Marine Corps. 1. Get the fuck away from your current duty station. 2. Burn, sell or lock away your uniforms. 3. Grow out your hair/mustache/beard to your standards. 4. Get more tattoos to your standards. 5. Go to "previously restricted area/country" and do "previously restricted activity" for as long as you'd like or as long as your funds permit. Those are the main things that I can imagine. This cycle of Marine recruits coming in and angry Marines going out is continuous and it appears near ending but if the Marine Corps keeps spitting out angry former Marines, you sort of wonder if the higher ups even realize that this is a future problem. The answer is, it is. If the higher ups took off their rose-colored glasses they would realize it. Eventually, with the Marine Corps being as shitty as it is, people will get out as fast as possible and spread bad word about the Marine Corps. And this Angry Marine