Fleet Marine Life #151 – Hookers In The House | iHateTheUSMC
A long time ago, a bunch of my fellow Marines had women (we weren't allowed to have women) in their rooms. A noisy SNCO caught them and then the next day, those Marines and I were put on a military policeman course to get a certificate for pepper spray, and we weren't even MPs! The thing is, to get this certificate, you had to get sprayed in the face with military grade pepper spray. I was blind for 2 hours and my face felt like it was in an oven because of someone else's mistakes. One of the Marines, LCPL Wendy, wrote to me saying: "I got in so much trouble for having women in the villa. So I was placed on restriction… While on restriction, I witnessed a train of hookers walk into the back door of the SNCO and Officers villa in broad daylight… The same MARRIED men, who were desperately trying to NJP me, were having blatant affairs." Getting pepper sprayed for something you didn't do since 1775.