Fleet Marine Life #148 – Lightbulb | iHateTheUSMC
In the USMC, for every action, there is tons of paper work behind it. Reason being is if something goes wrong, the higher ups know who to blame. And usually the higher ups are not to blame. Let's say it's a 96 (vacation). You want to go to a neighboring state for tourism. Whoa, there! No can do! You'll need to fill out a HARP (Holiday Accident Reduction Program) form before you think about doing stuff like that! Every 96, you need to fill out this form. Form Sample) Open it up and look at it. You have to tell your higher ups where you're going, what you're going to do, if you're going to drink or not, if your car is ok, etc. This is another wonderful reminder that the government owns you. The higher ups do this so they can burn your