Fleet Marine Life #142 – iHateTheUSMC | iHateTheUSMC
I've always wondered the day when USMC high command would move to shut down www.IHateTheUSMC.com. The Marine Corps often times focuses on the symptoms of problems instead of actual problems themselves. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against the website. I enjoy reading the stories on that website since they're legitimate complaints about the Corps written by real Marines. Plus, this website is a gold mine for comic writing since I honestly can't make up half the shit I write. Instead of taking these stories and making the Corps a better place, most higher ups found on IHateTheUSMC.com (Sgts and above) typically spew out illiterate nonsense against those who talk poorly about current USMC policies. Here are a few REAL UNALTERED examples: I HATE BOOTS wrote: "I HATE YOU BOOTS CRYING ABOUT EVERYTHING. GO TO THE CHOW HALL GET A STRAW AND SUCK IT THE FUCK UP… YOU COCK LOVING FAGS YOU'RE SO LUCKY THAT IM NOT YOUR LEADERSHIP I