Fleet Marine Life #141 – Attrition | iHateTheUSMC
Being a Marine sucks ass. Sure I "wasn't promised a rose garden," but holy crap. I didn't expect stupidity and bullshit on a scale of which I can only imagine. Neither did a lot of other Marines. You didn't need any data to tell you that not too many people willingly reenlisted. Check out this data complied by the Military Leadership Diversity Commision (MLDC). 20Papers/31_Enlisted_Retention.pdf The USMC has a low Enlisted re-enlistment rate. To be clear, re-enlistment is defined as a change in the ETS (Expiration, Term of Service; End of Active Service, EAS) date of 36 months or more. Service members were characterized in 3 zones. Zone A: 17 months to 6 years in service when they reenlist. (First termers) Zone B: 6-10 years of service. (Second Termers) Zone C: 10-14 years of service. (Careerists aka Lifers) As you can see, the majority of first termers leave. Even second termers are somewhat reluctant to stay. Marine Corps's enlisted