Fleet Marine Life #139 – Leadershit | iHateTheUSMC
I've learned a lot about leadership in the Corps. Whenever you go, you'll see "leaders" both good and bad. No matter what leaders you get, you'll most definitely be able to take something out of it. In my last unit, I met a lot of leaders who often set the example… of what not to do. The most important thing about leadership is being there. It's half the battle! Most of the time, whenever the shit hits the fan, my leaders have no insight, no foresight or any type of sight at all. They have a tendency to disappear or put most (or all) of the pressure on the junior Marines to "figure it out." This is not leadership at its finest. Leaders are supposed to lead and be the top dogs, something to look forward to being. They're not supposed to be leeches that latch on to their junior Marines and suck the life out of them. Junior Marines shouldn't be used for personal gain, but they are. Leaders aren't supposed to borrow money and CIF gear from their juniors and then never return them. Leaders