Fleet Marine Life #138 – Part Two: Return of the Bullshit | iHateTheUSMC
Part two of the true story of the only decent SNCO I ever had… Of course, the civilian courts didn't buy the domestic abuse allegations, and dropped the case because in the civilian world you actually need evidence to try somebody. But not so in the military, the allegations of domestic abuse caused NCIS to launch a crusade against my SSgt, and when they couldn't find any evidence, the started digging through all of his military paperwork trying to find something to charge him with. Do you know what they found? They found that he looks even more squared away on paper than he does in real life! Meanwhile, the command forbade him to return to his shop and stuck him in the company office, and then called the shop down to the company commander's office so the Captain and 1stSgt could personally tell us not to go anywhere near SSgt. When he was put on legal hold, he was on his terminal leave, now he's more than three weeks AFTER his actual EAS date, and he's still not even listed as a