Fleet Marine Life #136 – Art of Skating | iHateTheUSMC
In a very special article, I will discuss about the ancient Art of Skating. By skating a few minutes a day away throughout your Marine Corps career, those skated minutes will add up and pay you dividends. By practicing the art of skating and trading valuable skating skills with other people, preferably from other sections, you will become a grand master capable of repelling higher ups like a Jedi. There are several goals to skating and that depends on what you want. Do you want to look like Chesty Puller without doing all the work? Do you want to cruise by and still get out with an honorable discharge? Do you just want to not do anything that day? I will give you, the reader, some tools to help you on your road to becoming a proficient skater in our beloved Cream Corn. Take what you need and employ the right tools at the right time for maximum success. 1. Volunteering Ever hear the acronym, "NAVY?" It stands for "Never Again Volunteer Yourself." Volunteering is pretty much always a