Fleet Marine Life #135 – Pimpin | iHateTheUSMC
If you're going to try to do something with two underaged females, don't do it in the barracks room. If you're going to do anything wrong, just do it away from the barracks. Whether it's doing the nasty or smoking a crack pipe, just don't do it in the barracks. I don't even know why people bother to do bad things in the barracks. People would rather save a few bucks now at the cost of increased risk. Well, when your ass gets NJP'd, you're going to be paying time, money, and respect. By going off base, you will dramatically reduce your chances of getting caught doing anything. Also, you're not supposed to be pimpin' in the barracks especially when you're married! Getting caught with multiple drugged-up, underaged females since 1775.