Fleet Marine Life #134 – Knowledge | iHateTheUSMC
Whenever I would ask questions, like I'm told to do if I don't know anything, I would often get bitched at. I would be cast aside and labeled a retard. Looking back at it, I've often wondered why my higher ups often avoided questions. I've come to believe that they just wanted to avoid answering any questions for fear of showing their lack of knowledge. I would always get fed some bullshit like, "You should know this already," and, "Did you go to THIS GUY? No? Then get the fuck out of my face!" However, if they do give you an answer, and they don't know the answer, they will lie. Google everything they say. Question everything your higher ups say. If anything sounds weird, write it down on your notepad and google it later. Knowing nothing is better than false knowledge. How do our higher ups manage to pick up rank and know so little about their MOS? They're the ones that kiss ass and work very close to their higher ups. They're the ones that are usually put in the office jobs doing a