Fleet Marine Life #133 – Pros and Cons | iHateTheUSMC
Proficiency and conduct marks can make or break your Marine Corps career. It decides who gets promoted and who doesn't. It counts for over 50% of your cutting score. And you know who writes them? It could be my Sergeant, or it could be my SNCO. Most of the time, I have no clue, because no one ever tells me. Whenever you receive pro/con marks, you're supposed to receive a counseling. It's a sheet of paper that says, "These are your pros/cons. These are the reasons why you got them. These are some suggestions to improve them." Speaking of counselings, you're supposed to receive monthly counselings and counselings whenever you get pros/cons. In my Marine Corps career, I've received only 5 counselings. If you want me to improve myself, what do you want me to do? I don't know everything! You may think that it's my fault, but let me ask you a question. Is it my job to make sure my boss does his? And besides, it's not like I'm going to die if I don't receive a counseling. I got shit to do. I