Fleet Marine Life #130 – Swim Qual | iHateTheUSMC
I think it's funny how we're all supposed to be "amphibious" since we guard boats, but there is a significant amount of Marines who can't really swim. I know every Marine had to pass boot camp, and in order to pass boot camp, you had to have passed swim qual. I had a guy in my platoon who was prior service Navy, and he couldn't swim or shoot. A lot of people who joined the Corps came from cities or from neighborhoods where you never grew up near a pool or an ocean. Every swim qual, I'm always there at the end of the line with a bunch of minorities, and we're all waiting for some miracle that we'll all pass swim qual. During one swim qual, I saw my Staff Sergeant on the diving board. I yelled at him, "You can do it!" He looked down into the deep water. His head shook left and right. There was a pause… and then… he turned around and got of the board. I was confused. He can do that?! At this point, my Sergeant told me it was time for me to leave. Swim qual doesn't really matter