Fleet Marine Life #127 – Rule One | iHateTheUSMC
If you don't want to get fucked over in the Marine Corps, you need to suck miles of dick and kiss an endless amount of ass. I remember my old Staff Sergeant just bowing down to the will of high-ranking enlisted he didn't even have to please. He pleased them by making us do their work, work we didn't have to do. These higher ups weren't even in our section. Why else would higher ups sell their Marines down the river? To make us look good? No! The higher ups would rather advance their career by pleasing THEIR higher ups at the expense of others. A Sergeant told me that when you become a Sergeant, it's nothing but politics. There's nothing but backstabbing. It's a game on who can stab who in the back faster in order to reach that next rank. Higher ups only have so much time until they get forcefully kicked out of the Corps. So they will do everything in their power to get promoted like a dying fish out of water. In the end, you don't have good leaders who can lead, but shitty leaders who