Fleet Marine Life #121 – Semper Guilty | iHateTheUSMC
On my flight from Okinawa to California, I just so happened to sit next to a Marine. We talked for some time until he talked about how he got NJP'd for a DUI. Normally, I don't feel sorry for those who get DUIs in the Corps, because we all get warned every single fucking Friday for the rest of our god damn careers not to get a DUI. And if you are in danger of getting a DUI, there's a whole freaking system put into place so that you don't get a freaking DUI. Call a buddy! Use an Arrive Alive card! Pass out in the alley behind the bar! This story just so happened to be a little different. This Marine had a few drinks too many and made a semi-conscious decision that he was going to pass out in his car, because he was too drunk. Some hours pass and a police officer finds him in his car. Some more days pass and he's standing in front of a judge in a civilian court. The judge lets him go because they have no evidence that he was driving drunk. Case closed. End of story, right? WRONG! His