Fleet Marine Life #116 – Yet Another Day | iHateTheUSMC
There's nothing quite like wasting a lot of hours doing nothing during working hours and then being called back to work only to do shit you could have done earlier that day or the next day. In the USMC, you're always on the clock. You get paid for breathing.No one gives a shit about you and your social life. Officers and SNCOs will keep you beyond normal hours because they fucked up the scheduling or just because they felt like it. Maybe they don't want to go back to their abusive wives? Who knows. On one normal Friday evening, my platoon was released from work and we all went home. An hour later, my entire platoon was called back to work so that we could all fill out a stupid fucking post-deployment health assessment form. Was it so fucking important that the entire platoon just HAD to be recalled back to work? Was someone going to die during the time period of 1630 of that day to 0800 the next day? Couldn't have put that off for a few more hours?! I just don't understand this shit!