Feels Pretty Good to Say It | iHateTheUSMC
Well everyone I know you haven't heard from me in a while but being a civilian has been everything I ever dreamed and more. Everything from owning a car and not having to worry about liberty cards or liberty buddies, seeing my family on the holidays, growing out my hair and facial hair, getting to be around WOMEN for a change, to some unexpected pleasures like the fact that I can own a gun and not leave it in an armory. Yes my friends I no longer have to hear any shit for forgetting to salute someone, or maybe that I didn't feel like shaving. I get to cook my own meals instead of eating shit at the chow hall, and I'm not working 16 hour days 7 days a week anymore. I no longer hate the motards that used to make my life a living hell, I pity them. I hope they can wake up one day and see that their lives are pointless and turn over a new leaf. Hopefully it happens for them soon before they waste too much of their lives. As for those of you still in just know that there is a light at the