Conscientious Objection | iHateTheUSMC
This is a topic I am sure most people have never heard of before. Conscientious (Con-she-en-shus) Objection is when a person's beliefs and morals will not allow their participation in war. I am a Conscientious Objector. I am opposed to war. A book that I highly recommend reading is linked to on the home page of this website called, "War is a Racket". It is written by Major General Smedley Butler USMC. For further information you can visit the GI Rights Hotline and The Center on Conscience and War I found the Center through the GI Rights Hotline. Many Marines view this as a cowardly stance to have and it is often viewed in a negative light. To understand it is an entirely different mindset. You have to break free of the indoctrination this current generation is dealt on a daily basis. I am like every other man, I love action movies. I love seeing the explosions, guns, and violence, but I have learned a significant fact. It is a fictional portrayal where no actual human being, no