Ceremony Vs Mission Accomplishment… which one takes priority again? | iHateTheUSMC
A couple weeks ago I found out that I had been roped into a battalion change of command ceremony, which wouldn't have been so bad, except that a full two-thirds of my shop had to perform in the ceremony. What's more, when we got to the parade deck, the company gunny had the nerve to ask where the rest of the shop was! I just wanted to scream out "They're doing their fucking job you pompous prick! I'm sorry that you seem to think that one old man leaving and another old man showing up is so important that the entire unit should just drop whatever it's doing to come down here and goose-step around a damned parking lot!" But, being as close to EAS as I am, I decided to hold my tongue, and let someone else from the shop answer. Then when we're going through the rifle manual part, we realized that the only people who remembered any of it were the PFCs and a couple of LCpls, so this bitch-ass MSgt (who got out once, couldn't hack it in the civilian world, came back, and has been strictly