Fleet Marine Life #107 – FML Special Edition : Cause and Effect | iHateTheUSMC
First of all, no K didn't do this one, he contacted me on Ihatetheusmc.com and asked if I would be interested and I told him I'd give it a shot. One weekend duty later, here's what I came up with. I realize that I'm no Max Uriarte (The "Terminal Lance" guy) but I feel that I've gotten my point across. I've always found the concept of the Safety Stand-down to be peculiar at best (downright ridiculous at worst). Never in my 21 years of life have I ever supposed that a group of 18 – 20 something year olds would abuse their spouses/girlfriends, become alcoholics, drink & drive, or even commit suicide, simply because no one had ever told them it was a bad idea. This seems however, to be a widespread belief up at Headquarters Marine Corps. Not only do the fine folks at HQMC believe that we need to be given these classes, they believe that we need to take the SAME classes every year, just so we don't forget. What's more, if you're stationed in Japan, (or select other countries around