Boot Camp Tips For Females | iHateTheUSMC
I have not seen any female submissions so I decided I could write a little story of my own experience in boot camp and the initial process. Back in 2015 I started the process for joining the Air Force, but I had a mark on my credit for a dental bill I could not pay off and got denied enlistment. The Air Force recruiter then brought me over to the Marine recruiter's office and basically fed me to the sharks. As soon as I stepped into that office, their eyes lit up and they gave me this big grin. I introduced myself, and immediately I was filling out paperwork. I will say I was pretty intimidated and new to this, but I was desperate after losing my job, failing one class, and almost losing my apartment. I was partially guilty to giving in so easily, but I was also led on by their fast sales talk. I was supposed to go MEPS the next week or so and I had yet to talk about any MOS or a ship date. I was interviewed by a MSgt, a GySgt, a SSgt, and a female Sgt. I was so deep into it that I