As a Marine I understand some of your frustrations | iHateTheUSMC
As a Marine I understand some of your frustrations, and we ALL did field day and dealt with the bullshit but all in all I got to see a shitload of countries as an embassy guard (cuz I was motivated enough to strive for something I thought was interesting and worthwhile and other than a barracks) after being a a combat engineer for 2 years. I nailed a whole wide world of eastern European chicks, held down an embassy during a revolution and left with a letter of recommendation from an Ambassador thats helped out alot in my professional career. I got money for school and now I'm an engineer with one of the top 3 Aerospace companies in the world. And I did all that without being a buddy fucker Marine and I made friends that I will have for the rest of my life due to the Corps. Its like they said buddy "No one promised you a rose garden". You've also heard the following I'm sure..."The Marine Corps is what you make of it". You dont like where you're at? You wanna be high speed? If you're a