2 lbs over, "YOU'RE FAT, PT YOU FAT ASS" – And no visiting your wife either! | iHateTheUSMC
So my wife gets back from Afghanistan LATE sunday night. Well, no sweat I put in a special libo chit so I can get monday off. Why don't I use leave, you ask? Oh cuz I go terminal in 3 weeks, the package has already been submitted. Besides, special libo to see my wife that I haven't seen since I deployed back in November, no sweat right? Well I get weighed in and BAMCIS I'm 2 lbs over. Well with the current SGTMAJ on deck that's just a "HELL NO I DON'T THINK SO" kinda deal. Yep, 3 weeks left, 2 lbs over, you bet my fat marathon running ass is going RIGHT ON BCP, fuck me, right? Anyways, cool, whatever, I'll play their game, what's 3 weeks. Oh wait, HELLO, "NO SPECIAL LIBO, FUCK YOU, you can't spend at LEAST 24 hours with your wife..." wtf, why not? "YOU'RE FAT, PT YOU FAT ASS!!! you are coming in at 1100 on monday"... um... really? so I said "hey chaps, can you help me out, I understand they can 'legally' do this, but it sure seems fucked up ethically and morally. I'm not asking for a