A True Story of DI Abuse & General Fuckery, by J.L. Williams | iHateTheUSMC
The following story was submitted by a former Marine and edited by Chris Pascale. I don't really hate the Corps as much as I sincerely dislike it - for a number of personal reasons: (1) Lying and manipulative military recruiters who prey on naïve young people who lack personal goals and direction in their lives (2) Abusive and sadistic drill instructors (3) No guidance or help on a personal level offered by officers I enlisted back in 1976 during a very optimistic and PATRIOTIC time in America. Things looked very bright indeed and hopeful. The anniversary of our country's founding in 1776 - I had very high hopes for a good life as a glorious Marine! I was so young and naïve, and very ignorant of the reality of life in the Corps. During basic training at MCRD San Diego, Platoon 2093, Sept-Nov, 1976, I was physically abused repeatedly by a drill instructor named Sgt SchizerVideo while serving as a "house mouse," which is the clean-up maid for the DIs in their duty hut, which is